Hex to Binary to ASCII Conversion Table

Hex Binary ASCII
00 00000000 NUL
01 00000001 SOH
02 00000010 STX
03 00000011 ETX
04 00000100 EOT
05 00000101 ENQ
06 00000110 ACK
07 00000111 BEL
08 00001000 BS
09 00001001 HT
0A 00001010 LF
0B 00001011 VT
0C 00001100 FF
0D 00001101 CR
0E 00001110 SO
0F 00001111 SI
10 00010000 DLE
11 00010001 DC1
12 00010010 DC2
13 00010011 DC3
14 00010100 DC4
15 00010101 NAK
16 00010110 SYN
17 00010111 ETB
18 00011000 CAN
19 00011001 EM
1A 00011010 SUB
1B 00011011 ESC
1C 00011100 FS
1D 00011101 GS
1E 00011110 RS
1F 00011111 US
20 00100000 Space
21 00100001 !
22 00100010 "
23 00100011 #
24 00100100 $
25 00100101 %
26 00100110 &
27 00100111 '
28 00101000 (
29 00101001 )
2A 00101010 *
2B 00101011 +
2C 00101100 ,
2D 00101101 -
2E 00101110 .
2F 00101111 /
30 00110000 0
31 00110001 1
32 00110010 2
33 00110011 3
34 00110100 4
35 00110101 5
36 00110110 6
37 00110111 7
38 00111000 8
39 00111001 9
3A 00111010 :
3B 00111011 ;
3C 00111100 <
3D 00111101 =
3E 00111110 >
3F 00111111 ?
40 01000000 @
41 01000001 A
42 01000010 B
43 01000011 C
44 01000100 D
45 01000101 E
46 01000110 F
47 01000111 G
48 01001000 H
49 01001001 I
4A 01001010 J
4B 01001011 K
4C 01001100 L
4D 01001101 M
4E 01001110 N
4F 01001111 O
50 01010000 P
51 01010001 Q
52 01010010 R
53 01010011 S
54 01010100 T
55 01010101 U
56 01010110 V
57 01010111 W
58 01011000 X
59 01011001 Y
5A 01011010 Z
5B 01011011 [
5C 01011100 \
5D 01011101 ]
5E 01011110 ^
5F 01011111 _
60 01100000 `
61 01100001 a
62 01100010 b
63 01100011 c
64 01100100 d
65 01100101 e
66 01100110 f
67 01100111 g
68 01101000 h
69 01101001 i
6A 01101010 j
6B 01101011 k
6C 01101100 l
6D 01101101 m
6E 01101110 n
6F 01101111 o
70 01110000 p
71 01110001 q
72 01110010 r
73 01110011 s
74 01110100 t
75 01110101 u
76 01110110 v
77 01110111 w
78 01111000 x
79 01111001 y
7A 01111010 z
7B 01111011 {
7C 01111100 |
7D 01111101 }
7E 01111110 ~
7F 01111111 DEL

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File Extensions

File Type Description
3FR Hasselblad RAW (TIFF-based)
3G2, 3GP2 3rd Gen. Partnership Project 2 a/v (QuickTime-based)
3GP, 3GPP 3rd Gen. Partnership Project a/v (QuickTime-based)
A Unix static library code Archive
AA Audible Audiobook
AAX Audible Enhanced Audiobook (QuickTime-based)
3GP, 3GPP 3rd Gen. Partnership Project a/v (QuickTime-based)
ACR American College of Radiology ACR-NEMA (DICOM-like)
AFM, ACFM, AMFM Adobe [Composite/Multiple Master] Font Metrics
AI, AIT Adobe Illustrator [Template] (PS or PDF)
AIFF, AIF, AIFC Audio Interchange File Format [Compressed]
APE Monkey's Audio
ARW Sony Alpha RAW (TIFF-based)
ASF Microsoft Advanced Systems Format
AVI Audio Video Interleaved (RIFF-based)
BMP, DIB Windows BitMaP / Device Independent Bitmap
BPG Better Portable Graphics
BTF BigTIFF (64-bit Tagged Image File Format)
CHM Microsoft Compiled HTML format
COS Capture One Settings (XML-based)
CR2 Canon RAW 2 (TIFF-based)
CRW, CIFF Canon RAW Camera Image File Format (CRW spec.)
CS1 Sinar CaptureShop 1-shot RAW (PSD-based)
DCM, DC3, DIC, DICM DICOM - Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine
DCP DNG Camera Profile (DNG-like)
DIVX DivX media format (ASF-based)
DJVU, DJV DjVu image (AIFF-like)
DNG Digital Negative (TIFF-based)
DOC, DOT Microsoft Word Document/Template (FPX-like)
DOCX, DOCM Office Open XML Document [Macro-enabled]
DOTX, DOTM Office Open XML Document Template [Macro-enabled]
DPX Digital Picture Exchange
DR4 Canon DPP version 4 Recipe
DSS, DS2 Digital Speech Standard
DYLIB Mac OS X Mach-O executable and library files
DV Digital Video
DVB Digital Video Broadcasting (QuickTime-based)
EIP Capture One Enhanced Image Package (ZIP-based)
EPS, EPSF, PS [Encapsulated] PostScript Format
EPUB Electronic Publication (ZIP/XML-based)
ERF Epson RAW Format (TIFF-based)
EXV Exiv2 metadata file (JPEG-based)
F4A, F4B, F4P, F4V Adobe Flash Player 9+ Audio/Video (QuickTime-based)
FFF Hasselblad Flexible File Format (TIFF-based), FLIR Systems thermal image File Format
FLA Macromedia/Adobe Flash project (FPX-like)
FLAC Free Lossless Audio Codec
FLIF Free Lossless Image Format
FLV Flash Video
FLV Flash Video
FPF FLIR Public Image Format
FPX FlashPix Image
GIF CompuServe Graphics Interchange Format
GZ, GZIP GNU ZIP compressed archive
HDP, WDP, JXR Windows HD Photo / Media Photo / JPEG XR (TIFF-based)
HDR Radiance RGBE High Dynamic-Range
HEIC, HEIF/td> High Efficiency Image Format (QuickTime-based)
HTML, HTM, XHTML [Extensible] HyperText Markup Language
ICC, ICM International Color Consortium color profile
ICS, ICAL iCalendar Schedule
IDML Adobe InDesign Markup Language (ZIP/XML-based)
IIQ Phase One Intelligent Image Quality RAW (TIFF-based)
IND, INDD, INDT Adobe InDesign Document/Template
INX Adobe InDesign Interchange (XML-based)
ISO ISO 9660 disk image
ITC iTunes Cover Flow artwork
J2C, JPC JPEG 2000 codestream
JP2, JPF, J2K, JPM, JPX JPEG 2000 image [Compound/Extended]
JPEG, JPG, JPE Joint Photographic Experts Group image
JSON JavaScript Object Notation
K25 Kodak DC25 RAW (TIFF-based)
KDC Kodak Digital Camera RAW (TIFF-based)
KEY, KTH Apple iWork '09 Keynote presentation/Theme
LA Lossless Audio (RIFF-based)
LFP, LFR Lytro Light Field Picture
LNK Microsoft Shell Link (Windows shortcut)
M2TS, MTS, M2T, TS MPEG-2 Transport Stream (used for AVCHD video)
M4A, M4B, M4P, M4V MPEG-4 Audio/Video (QuickTime-based)
MAX 3D Studio MAX (FPX-like)
MEF Mamiya (RAW) Electronic Format (TIFF-based)
MIE Meta Information Encapsulation (MIE specification)
MIFF, MIF Magick Image File Format
MKA, MKV, MKS Matroska Audio/Video/Subtitle
MOBI, AZW, AZW3 Mobipocket electronic book (Palm-based)
MODD Sony Picture Motion metadata (XML PLIST-based)
MOI MOD Information file
MOS Creo Leaf Mosaic (TIFF-based)
MOV, QT Apple QuickTime Movie
MP3 MPEG-1 layer 3 audio
MP4 Motion Picture Experts Group version 4 (QuickTime-based)
MPC Musepack Audio
MPEG, MPG, M2V Motion Picture Experts Group version 1 or 2
MPO Extended Multi-Picture format (JPEG with MPF extensions)
MQV Sony Mobile QuickTime Video
MRW Minolta RAW
MXF Material Exchange Format
NEF Nikon (RAW) Electronic Format (TIFF-based)
NMBTEMPLATE Apple iWork '09 Numbers Template
NRW Nikon RAW (TIFF-based)
NUMBERS Apple iWork '09 Numbers spreadsheet
O Unix compiled code Object
ODB, ODC, ODF, ODG, ODI, ODP, ODS, ODT Open Document Database/Chart/Formula/Graphics/Image/Presentation/Spreadsheet/Text (ZIP/XML-based)
OFR OptimFROG audio (RIFF-based)
OGG, OGV Ogg Bitstream Container
OPUS Ogg Opus audio
ORF Olympus RAW Format (TIFF-based)
OTF Open Type Font
PAC Lossless Predictive Audio Compression (RIFF-based)
PAGES Apple iWork '09 Pages document
PCD Kodak Photo CD Image Pac
PDB, PRC Palm Database
PDF Adobe Portable Document Format
PEF Pentax (RAW) Electronic Format (TIFF-based)
PFA, PFB PostScript Font ASCII/Binary
PFM Printer Font Metrics
PGF Progressive Graphics File
PICT, PCT Apple Picture File
PLIST Apple Property List (binary and XML formats)
PMP Sony DSC-F1 Cyber-Shot Image
PNG, JNG, MNG Portable/JPEG/Multiple-image Network Graphics
PPM, PBM, PGM Portable Pixel/Bit/Gray Map
PPT, PPS, POT PowerPoint Presentation/Slideshow/Template (FPX-like)
POTX, POTM Office Open XML Presentation Template [Macro-enabled]
PPSX, PPSM Office Open XML Presentation Slideshow [Macro-enabled]
PPTX, PPTM Office Open XML Presentation [Macro-enabled]
PSD, PSB, PSDT PhotoShop Document / Large Document / Template
PSP, PSPIMAGE Paint Shop Pro
QTIF, QTI, QIF QuickTime Image File
RA Real Audio
RAF FujiFilm RAW Format
RAM, RPM Real Audio/Plug-in Metafile
RAR RAR Archive
RAW Kyocera Contax N Digital RAW, Panasonic RAW (TIFF-based)
RIFF, RIF Resource Interchange File Format
RM, RV, RMVB Real Media/Video [Variable Bitrate]
RSRC Mac OS Resource
RTF Rich Text Format
RW2 Panasonic RAW 2 (TIFF-based)
RWL Leica RAW (TIFF-based)
RWZ Rawzor compressed image
SEQ FLIR Systems image Sequence
SO Unix ELF executable and Shared Object files
SR2 Sony RAW 2 (TIFF-based)
SRF Sony RAW Format (TIFF-based)
SRW Samsung RAW format (TIFF-based)
SVG Scalable Vector Graphics (XML-based)
SWF Shockwave Flash
THM Canon Thumbnail (JPEG)
THMX Office Open XML Theme
TIFF, TIF Tagged Image File Format
TTF, TTC True Type Font/Collection
TORRENT BitTorrent Description File
VCF, VCARD Virtual Card
VOB Video Object (MPEG-based)
VRD Canon DPP Recipe Data
VSD Microsoft Visio Drawing (FPX-like)
WAV Windows digital audio WAVeform (RIFF-based)
WEBM Google Web Movie (Matroska-based)
WEBP Google Web Picture (RIFF-based)
WMA, WMV Windows Media Audio/Video (ASF-based)
WV WavePack lossless audio (RIFF-based)
X3F Sigma/Foveon RAW
XCF GIMP Native Image Format
XLS, XLT Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet/Template (FPX-like)
XLSX, XLSM, XLSB Office Open XML Spreadsheet [Macro-enabled/Binary]
XLTX, XLTM Office Open XML Spreadsheet Template [Macro-enabled]
XMP Extensible Metadata Platform sidecar file
ZIP ZIP archive

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