Quality Management System
Training Course

Quality Management System (QMS) Training Course

This instructor-led training course introduces Quality Management System terminology, elements, planning and deployment methods. It is perfect for anyone wanting to acquire or refresh basic knowledge of Quality and the benefits of implementing an effective QMS.

Training Course Learning Objectives*

• Understand how customers define Quality and value-added activities

• Understand the necessary elements of effective Quality Management

• Understand how to measure and manage business objectives

• Understand the benefits of Quality Management, including Return on Investment (ROI)

• Apply quality tools and problem-solving techniques for improvement

*Complexity of ObjectivesThe Levels of Learning below indicate complexity level of learning objectives, ranked from least complex to most complex.

Remember (Knowledge Level): Recall or recognize terms, definitions, facts, ideas, materials, sequences, methods, principles, etc.

Understand (Comprehension Level): Read and understand descriptions, reports, tables, diagrams, directions, regulations, etc.

Apply (Application Level): Know when and how to use procedures, methods, formulas, principles, theories, etc.

Analyze (Analysis Level): Break down a complex scenario into its constituent parts and recognize their relationships.

Evaluate (Evaluation Level): Make judgments about the value of proposed ideas, solutions, etc., by comparing specific criteria or standards.

Create (Synthesis Level): Organize complex parts, sets or elements to reveal patterns to examine further or from which supported conclusions can be drawn.

Training Course Outline

I. Quality and Customer Requirements

II. Quality Management Systems (QMS)

III. Quality Investment, Costs and ROI

IV. Quality Objectives, Metrics & Measures

V. Corrective and Preventive Actions

VI. Effective Quality Improvement

VII. Quality Tools and Techniques

Textbook/Study Material Quality Management Integration (Abridged) by Warren Alford

Quality Management Integration explains quality management, quality improvement, measures and metrics, quality control, and audits.Quality Management Integration: Quality in Modern Business (Abridged) explains QMS principles such as quality management, effective quality improvement, meaningful measures and metrics, value-added activities, quality control, audits and reporting.

Buy Quality Management Integration: Quality in Modern Business (Abridged) by Warren Alford

Additional Information

• Course Duration: 16 Hours

• CEU/RU: Qualifies for 1.6 ASQ Recertification Units (CMQ/OE, CQA, CQE, CCT, CSQE, CSSBB). Certificate issued for successful completion

• Audience: executives, directors, managers, quality professionals

• Flexible evening and weekend courses can be delivered at your business location.

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